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Texas BBQ Spicy Sauce $9

Texas BBQ Spicy Sauce

Yee haw! This is a true championship quality sauce. Tangy, rich, with a little bit of that Texas kick. It’s a favorite among beef and rib lovers. Try mixing it with our Apricot sauce for a one of a kind flavor combination! Note: This sauce is gluten free.

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Regular Barbecue Sauce - Traeger Signature Sauces $9

Regular BBQ Sauce

There’s nothing regular about this one! Great tangy flavor enhances any type of meat you put it on. Exceptional with beef, pork or poultry. Note: This sauce contains gluten.

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Mandarin Glaze Sauce $9

Mandarin Glaze Sauce

East meets West. A perfect balance of sweet n’ hot. Use this as a sauce or glaze on pork, chicken or create Asian barbecue. You’ll love it’s exotic flavor. Note: This sauce is gluten free.

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Honey Bourbon Sauce - Traeger Signature Sauce $9

Honey Bourbon Sauce

We’ve combined the richness of honey with the smoothness of bourbon to create this one-of-a-kind sauce. So good, you just might want to drop a straw into the bottle and slurp some up! Brush it on ribs, chicken or on steaks. Note: This sauce contains gluten.

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Premium Chili Barbecue Sauce - Traeger Signature Spices $9

Traeger Chili Sauce

Satisfies the need for chili without burning off your taste buds. Nice and zesty with just the right heat. Works great with just about any beef. Try this instead of “traditional” barbecue sauce to add some great zip to beef roasts, turkey or fish. Outstanding flavor without the zap.

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Carne Asada Marinade - Traeger Premium Spice $9

Carne Asada Marinade

Infuse more flavor into pork, poultry, even fish. Inject them, use as a marinade or finishing sauce. A south of the border favorite. Great with beef. Note: This sauce contains gluten.

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