Grill PadStarting at $49

NEW! Traeger Grill Pad! Preserve your expensive decks, patio surfaces with our rubberized grill pad. Made from recycled materials, the 32 x 40 inch Traeger grill pad is large enough to provide grease and stain protection for all of our residential models. The pad features our distinctive logo in white on a black surface. This is the ultimate barbecue accessory for any Traeger owner!

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Smoke Shelf for Texas, Lil' Tex, Elite, Deluxe $46

Smoke Shelf for Lil’ Tex, Elite, Deluxe

Adds 230 inches of smoking surface to your grill. One piece nickel plated steel.

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Dome Thermometer $23

Dome Thermometer

Dome Thermometer – bigger, easier to read and easier to install. Provides both fahrenheit and celsius temperature scales.

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Rib Rack for Traeger Grills $25

Rib Rack

Chrome rib rack measures 17 ½” L x 3 ½” H x 12” D and holds 8 full racks of ribs. Fits perfectly inside all of our models. Time for a Rib Feast!

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