Sweet RubStarting at $7

Sweetness with a hint of apple and cinnamon provide a wonderful flavor enhancer for beef, pork or chicken. Try it on steaks and you’ll be hooked for sure!

Note: This product is gluten free.

Weight: 6 oz

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Salmon Shake $7

Salmon Shake – 6.5 oz

Not just for salmon any more! Try it on fish, meat and vegetables. Superb on baked potatoes! You’ll be reaching for this one all the time. Delicious! Note: This product is gluten free.

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3 Eyz Original BBQ Spice Rub

3 Eyz Original BBQ Spice Rub

3 Eyz BBQ’s first commercially-available BBQ spice rub. This mix of sweet and spicy offers a fantastic flavor boost for all of your grilling, smoking, and general cooking needs. Great on all types of meat, as well as in soups, chili, vegetables, baked potatos, and anything else that needs a bit of a flavor kick.

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Souvlaki Seasoning $7

Souvlaki Seasoning

Inspired by the Mediterranean, this Greek blend of spices is excellent on lamb, vegetables and chicken. It’s fast becoming a favorite among Traeger owners. Note: This product contains gluten.

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