Front Shelf for TexasStarting at $50

Redesigned one piece unit made from the same porcelain coated steel as our cooking grids. For Texas Grill (BBQ075).

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Smoke Shelf for Texas, Lil' Tex, Elite, Deluxe $46

Smoke Shelf for Lil’ Tex, Elite, Deluxe

Adds 230 inches of smoking surface to your grill. One piece nickel plated steel.

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Magnetic Pellet Hopper Label Set - Traeger $33

Magnetic Pellet Hopper Label Set

Use these magnets to remind you which variety of pellets you’re cooking with. One magnet for each type of barbecue pellet we make. Slap it on your pellet hopper and you’re good to go!

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Digital Temperature Probe - Traeger $40

Digital Temperature Probe

The Traeger Digital Temperature Probe has many features to help you cook your meat just right! Features include: – Preset food settings for all types of meat – 20-hour count down/up timer – 100 cm heat resistant wire probe – Pre-done alarm setting – Overcooked alarm setting – Updates instant readings every 5 seconds

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